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The All Access Pass is only $39

for 9 months of access to all the videos

Wisdom from Woes Summit

How Equine Assisted Coaching
Facilitates Transformational Growth

in Women Over 40

All-Access Pass

+ 20 presentations from coaches in the
US, Canada, UK, and UAE 

Recordings of the Live Sessions

+ 1 horse meditation with Renee Sievert

+ 1 coaching session with Lynn Baskfield

+ 2 Q&A videos with the speakers

Feedback from Summit Participants

"WOW is all I can say after listening to the lineup of speakers…it was such a JOY! The first video presentation should be captured as a poster child for WHY HORSES!"—Margaret W.

"Day 2 of the Summit was very powerful. What a great lineup of perspectives! I thought I was here to gather information [but] I found out so much more about where I personally need to find more balance and centering/grounding in the present let go and play more. Thank you!"—Diane S.

"I really enjoyed learning from all the different speakers and seeing how they all offer something unique to a different niche of audience. Very inspired by them all."— Glenda C.

"Thank you for this amazing summit! Fantastic presentations and speakers—inspired is an understatement."—Michelle M.

"This was amazing! Thank you for bringing together all of these amazing speakers, I can't wait to listen to it all again."—Marni S.

"This week's presenters were fantastic, providing insight and inspiration. Thank you to all!"—Kristen B.

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