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Welcome to Experiencing Equine!

When horses and humans partner together in a coaching relationship,
the results are nothing short of transformational.


We launched Experiencing Equine to raise awareness of what's possible
when horse wisdom guides personal and professional development.


Absolutely no horse experience is necessary.

About Us

What We Do.

Experiencing Equine is an educational platform raising awareness about the personal and professional growth that happens when humans partner with horses through equine assisted coaching.

How We Do It.

Online Summits and Courses

Learn from the top experts in equine assisted coaching and related fields. We match our speakers to the audience to deliver transformational experiences. With online delivery, our attendees can attend from wherever they are in the world.


Community Building

Join a community that provides a social connection around meaningful experiences in nature. We invite attendees of our programs and events to connect and interact in our Mighty Networks community. 


Directory of Equine Assisted Coaches

Find a certified equine assisted coach in your region or on topics of interest through our directory. 

About Us
Who We Are.

Kerry and Julie met at a "coaching with horses" workshop in 2016 and were blown away by what the horses taught them. They knew equine-assisted coaching was a skill they wanted to add to their respective coaching practices. After being certified, they found it difficult to describe the experience because few people knew that horses willingly partnered with humans to help foster their growth—personally and professionally. So, in 2021, they did something about it by starting Experiencing Equine, an educational platform raising awareness about equine-assisted learning and development.

Kerry Hayes circle.png

Kerry Hayes

Kerry Hayes leads an equine assisted coaching practice in Southeastern Pennsylvania. She partners with her two horses—Mo and Finnley—to help her clients make lasting changes. Kerry's certified through the Center for Equus Coaching and Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) for coaching corporate groups. Reach out to her at:

Julie Edge Headshot circle.png

Julie Edge

Julie Edge provides coaching to small business owners in the Kansas City area. She partners with horses to help her clients go deeper with their personal and professional growth and development. Julie's certified through the Center for Equus Coaching and the Martha Beck Institute for life coaching. Reach out to her at: ​​​​

Why Horses

Why Partner With Horses.

Equine-assisted coaching taps into the innate wisdom of horses, which comes from how they are wired to interact with their environment and stay safe as prey animals. Horses respond to our body language and our intentions. They give us signals that serve as a mirror and deliver non-judgmental and actionable feedback.


Feedback from a horse is visceral; you feel it in your body. A message from a horse drives an “aha” not possible when it comes from another human (e.g., spouse, boss, parents). The results are often profound and can drive real change in your life. Having a physical (aka somatic) experience lays down a memory that is more easily retrieved when a similar experience occurs outside the arena in daily life. Your coach links the feedback from the horse and your body to the development of actionable steps to achieve your goals.


Equine-assisted coaching is not about riding horses—all our work occurs on the ground. Absolutely no horse expertise is needed. 

Stay Up-to-Date with Our News and Upcoming Programs

Current Program

The All Access Pass is only $39

for 9 months of access to all the videos

Wisdom from Woes Summit

How Equine Assisted Coaching
Facilitates Transformational Growth

in Women Over 40

All-Access Pass

+ 20 presentations from coaches in the
US, Canada, UK, and UAE 

Recordings of the Live Sessions

+ 1 horse meditation with Renee Sievert

+ 1 coaching session with Lynn Baskfield

+ 2 Q&A videos with the speakers

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